Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Introduction

This is going to be different from at least two of the blogging adventures I've had and/or am having. There will be no dates in the titles, no numbers. This isn't about making a statement or letting people know what I'm up to, it's about food.
Specifically, it's about being a broke-ass vegetarian student in the dry part of the pacific northwest. Living on-campus, it was easy, if unhealthy. Just get the cheese-smothered food from the vegetarian window in the cafeteria. Just ask for the mashed potatoes without the gravy. Get a grilled cheese, or maybe a bean burger if you feel like waiting ten minutes at the grill. Eat an unappetizing salad, possibly with rubbery, cold tofu chunks and never any garbanzo beans. Eat tomato and cheese subs. Have a scone and a mocha for breakfast every day or so.
Living off-campus without an exorbitant meal plan is freeing, although somewhat paralyzing at the same time. Lunch breaks are harder to plan, since you can't just pop over to the cafeteria or back to your room for a snack, since your hour-long break is so close to being done by the time you factor in your half-hour round trip. It's hard to cook for yourself when you're so used to having everything prepared.
Fortunately, I love cooking. I love knowing what I'm eating without going "Um, what's in this?" and seeing the terrified look of the student worker behind the counter who has no idea.
Of course, I fall into ruts. There has been a lot of tofu and couscous consumed. I'm not necessarily healthier than my more omnivorous counterparts, since my vegetable servings are lame to nonexistent.
I have high hopes that this blog might spur me to greater vegetable consumption. If nothing else, it's somewhere for me to write down what I eat.
A bit about me: I live with two friends right now, S and A; this number will expand to 5 when school starts up and will include L, K, and C. I'm about to be a senior in college; I plan on going straight back to school as soon as I graduate. My passion right now lies in disease research, but I haven't actually done any, so I guess we'll see. 
Regarding the title, I did say baker?
Yes. It's how I procrastinate. I also mentioned how I'm generally broke. While eggs and butter are not expensive, they run out fast when you bake a lot. I don't have a car, and the cheapest grocery is a very long walk. I hate shopping with a group, so I tend to only shop when I have to walk to the store, even if I end up calling someone to get me home because I accidentally packed something horribly wrong. I am rarely in possession of eggs and butter, which renders me practically vegan. I'm not, although I respect them a lot more and am intrigued by the health benefits, as someone who discovered she had a shitty cholesterol problem at the ripe old age of 18.
So, without further ado, I give you this food blog.

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