Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're Making Sourdough! (Day 2, part 2)

Day 2, evening (22:00): I may have killed the sourdough, actually. I know I said it was all nice-smelling and a little bit bubbly this morning/afternoon/it's the same thing when you're out of school and jobless, but I think I killed it. Instead of smelling nice and yeasty like it did this morning, it smells all sweet with a faint hint of flour. There were no bubbles, and it was covered by a thick layer of clear, brownish liquid that may be a baby version of the hooch that Mike says can develop on improperly fed refrigerated starters. Since the house has been cold today (I refuse to close my window all the way, since the house gets claustrophobic, especially when I've got cabin fever), I stirred the starter vigorously (with the trusty red spatula, of course), as per Mike's instruction, and put it in the oven with the light on (and the oven off. My housemates, I hope, won't try to use it in the morning, or we'll have a noisy mess of dead, burnt starter and glass shards and maybe some melted plastic all over the inside of our oven.) so it will be warmed overnight. I did not feed it. It recovered its gloopy texture upon the reincorporation of the hoochy liquid. I also decided to put the lid on loosely, even if it looses some moisture, because I don't want it to pressurize and explode. Metal screwcaps are less forgiving than plastic wrap.
An hour and a half later, the starter is warm from the oven light and smells encouragingly, if not entirely, yeasty. The sickly sweet smell of the baby hooch is still the main smell, but it hasn't reformed the hooch yet, there's some itty bitty bubbles, and the mass of starter goop looks light instead of like a dense paste under the hoochy stuff.
I promise, I'll get batteries tomorrow even if I have to go to the gas station down the street. I object to this because they're way cheaper at Winco and I need stuff from there anyway, not on principle or anything.
And by "need" I mean crave avocados and squash and pizza and chocolate chip cookies and applesauce and really really necessary things like that.
I'm also thinking of naming the starter. Thoughts?
And also, probably no more twice-a-day posts unless something really crazy happens that necessitates a super long post dedicated to it.

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