Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're Making Sourdough! Day 6/ Rye Day 2

Day 6 (11:30): Starter is warm and smells yeasty and fruity. No volume change or bubbles. Added 100 g water and 50 g rye flour.

No volume change...

And no bubbles.
Thor looks much larger now, but he really isn't.
Day 6 (23:15): No change in volume. Some bubbles, possible real bubbles. The starter smells fruity and a little yeasty. No addition of flour or water; just stirring.

No volume change, again.

I maintain my position from yesterday. Thor has 24 hours to get his act together and double his volume, or we're giving up and just using yeast for forever. I'm afraid that we're dangerously close to getting a thick layer of hooch here.

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