Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're Making Sourdough! Day 5/ Rye Day 1, Or "Starting Over :("

So, there were bubbles this morning. I think that was the rye flour. Then there was a whole bunch of hooch. I take this to mean that Scott is a failure at being alive, so I dumped him down the drain.

And hooch. The level of the starter itself actually went down.
The new starter's name is Thor. I picked this name with the same logic as I picked my computer's name: if the name belongs to someone awesome, the thing will be as awesome as that person. My computer's name is Bruce Wayne.
So I chucked my old starter and started up my new one, this time following Mihl's instructions.

Clean jar, all ready for fresh starter.
 Day 5 (11:30): Combined 100 g tap water and 50 g rye flour. Placed lid on loosely, drew a line to indicate volume, and placed in lit oven for warmth.
The brown color is so promising.

I think I finally figured out how to take decent pictures of things in this jar.

Day 5 (1:30): No bubbles. No change in volume. There's a yeasty smell underneath a fruity smell. I stirred, scraped the sides, and put back in the oven. Thor's gaining that gloopy texture that Scott had on day 2 in the morning. Hopefully this means that Thor is doing normal starter things.
No volume change.

No bubbles. Still, the yeasty smell was encouraging.
Hopefully, there will be bubbles in the morning. I'll try starting over with whole wheat if there's still nothing two days from now.

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