Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're Making Sourdough! Day 3, morning

So about not doing twice-a-day posting anymore...
I was kidding, it appears.
In other news, IT'S ALIVE!
I didn't kill my sourdough, there was no hoochy stuff on top, and there were definite bubbles and signs of it having risen a lot during the night. My housemate turned off the oven light this morning, but I'll put up a note or something. It definitely needs the warmth. Especially since it's raining still. I promise, I'll get to the store today. I'm also thinking about baking something interesting, or cooking something other than stir fry and crepes, so be prepared.
Day 3 (10:00): Starter showed signs of having risen after sitting in a slightly warmed oven all night, if not all morning. Bubbles were evident, and the smell had lost much of the sickly sweetness, although it wasn't quite yeasty. It might not be supposed to be yeasty. I'm not too worried. It's brand spanking new, and Mike says that the initial dominant bacteria and fungi might not be the final dominant cultures. So I forgot to discard half, and added a little more than 50 g each of tap water and unbleached white flour. I'll get rid of half if it's growing like crazy today, and I should be able to watch it like a hawk, given that I have nothing better to do except go to the gas station for batteries. I also scraped down the sides really well with the trusty spatula and tried to put lots of air into it by mixing vigorously, as per Mike, although I didn't stir between adding water and flour.

In other other news, I've been reading all of Well Fed, Flat Broke lately, starting whenever I wake up and ending when I get a headache from reading in bed for too long. It makes me want to cook all the food. I really, really miss the presence of a fresh vegetable venue nearby. In England (where I lived for a semester and which has accidentally turned into the "well, it was better there, and also I'm one-upping you" card), we had fruit and veg stands every other street, with three on one particular street. It was great. You could pick up just enough produce for dinner on the way home each day. Here, I have to walk for at least fifteen minutes to get to expensive produce and easily half an hour to forty minutes to get cheap, fairly decent produce. And then it goes bad because I buy too much and don't actually have a use for it, or I do have a use for it and it just never happens because life happens instead and we're just out of luck on that tomato, which was out of season and kind of skeezy looking to begin with.
Hell of a sentence, Raeann. I promise (been making a lot of those lately) that I can write real good, it's just that school's out and I haven't had my tea. Also, writing with excellent grammar has few applications outside of academic and professional writing (like copyrights, instruction manuals, and newspapers). It's stuffy and stifles conversation, and I blog like I talk, which is with extra commas here and not enough there and lots of "ands" that would be quickly squashed and turned into comma series if I wasn't just having a conversation with you all.

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