Sunday, June 10, 2012

We're Making Sourdough! Day 7/Rye Day 3

Day 7 (10:45): No bubbles, no volume change. Strong smell of alcohol, possible thin layer of hooch. Added 100 g tap water and 50 g rye flour, stirring between each addition and scraping the sides down.

I think the volume went down.

The shiny stuff looks suspiciously hoochy.

Drawing lines... I suspect that nothing will happen yet again.
I give Thor until tomorrow morning. If there's still nothing, I'm going to the french bakery down the street and asking if they have sourdough starter I could have.

Day 7 (23:30): A thin layer of bubbles appeared on top and the jar has a yeasty smell (although that turns back to fruity if you stick your nose in it). The volume had risen slightly. Stirred starter mix vigorously but did not add any flour or water. No hooch on top of the starter.

Volume is up!

Bubbles and no hooch!

The bubbles deflated slightly, but the volume is still higher than it was.
 I now give Thor an extra 24 hours of grace. If he can produce a substantial volume change and bubbling action by tomorrow night (including me removing half the starter and adding more flour and water in the morning), I might forgo the bakery down the street alternative.
I'm in the middle (unfortunately, I don't really see an end in sight) of a long and annoying job search (not having a car is a major downer on employability, it seems, as is dropping to zero availability in three months), and it's been raining so I can't go out (I seem to be allergic to rain), and the rain has kept the sun away, which usually puts me in a vitamin deficiency-induced slump, and this has been a bit of a pick me up. Thank you, Thor. Now, just please keep it up.

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