Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're Making Sourdough! Day 3, evening

I finally got batteries, settled a fight between my SD card adapter and my camera, and then took pictures.

 This is the jar two hours after I fed it this morning. It's not looking too good, so I stirred it. The hooch layer on top had some bubbles in it, but the starter gloop itself was just kind of looking gross and non-bubbly.

Jar in oven after stirring. It's about three times the size it was when I mixed it up initially.

Trusty red spatula! I use it and whisks almost exclusively in my cooking, and I thought you should be introduced.

Just so my housemates know.

Breakfast, sort of. I have one of those cool nesting teapots now and a leftover crepe from Crepe Tuesday.

I took a much clearer picture, but it loses the warmth and bleariness that my breakfasts rely on.
I went a little crazy on the pictures. However, it maddens me that I can't find many helpful sourdough sites that also have pictures. So, I have annotated one of mine so you know what slightly off-smelling sourdough starter might look like on its third day, which is probably how it shouldn't look.

For your viewing pleasure. Taking partial-screen screenshots on a lenovo is a bitch, by the way, so be happy.
I'm not going to post this until evening, at which point I will put up a picture or two of the starter. Promise.

Well after typing up the first part of this post, I rediscovered a page on sourdough by Mihl of Seitan Is My Motor which indicates that feeding once a day for the first four days is fairly normal. It was discouraging to see her pictures of friendly, bubbly, non-hooch-covered starter when mine looks like it does, but encouraging to see pictures at all. Of course, she used a whole grain sort of flour that has more of the nice cultures that make sourdough work than my white stuff, even if it is unbleached.

Okay, I restrained myself. It is now almost 23:00, and time to inspect and fiddle with the starter in the evening.
Something is rotten in denmark.
Remember all that hooch I photographed and is now up above and in the same post as I'm writing right now? (Don't judge me. I had part of a martini, a real one with just gin and vermouth and two olives, on a fairly empty stomach, and now I can't spell or write without thinking really hard)
It doubled. Sad faces. So I poured it off, since stirring it back in hasn't helped at all, and stirred in some slightly whole wheat flour.
Day 3 (22:30): Poured off hooch. Stirred, added about a tablespoon of whole wheat-ish flour, stirred. Scraped sides with trusty spatula. Put back in oven. The starter smells a little musty and has that sickly sweet smell again. There are no bubbles in the gloopy mass at all. There are a few bubbles in the hooch, but I think those are different.
All that hooch... and no signs of growing starter.

Bleh. It looks nasty and smells funky. See the bubbly bits?

So much hooch.

After the addition of the tablespoon of flour
 The moral of the story so far is that you should use fancy flour. I am really very seriously considering starting over.

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